Vehicle Tracking &
Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Focus Technologies is a leading provider of Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management software that offers tackling of fleet inefficiencies through the use of state-of-the-art software and has been helping organizations of all size with various fleet complexities and streamline processes that subsequently helps improve performance and reduce cost.

Focus Technologies is not just focused on the technology element of the solution, instead Focus Technologies is comprised of experienced personnel, who understand the barriers to effective fleet operations, and will work with you to develop a fleet program which is flexible, intuitive and tailored to match your unique fleet need.With Focus Technologies fleet management you will be able to consolidate data into one centralized, enterprise-wide fleet program that enables you to monitor and reduce financial investment. That in turn ensures that your fleet is operating at its full potential, which is essential in order to reduce costs.

When it comes to managing transportation equipment and associated fleet assets, visibility is key – after all, if you don’t know a problem exists, how can you expect to deal with it? Relying upon disjointed spreadsheets or stand-alone transport software or workshop management software applications creates a difficult working environment and runs the risk of other important data falling through the cracks.

Focus Technologies fleet management software consolidates all of your fleet data – from driver details and vehicle repairs to parts scheduling and fuel cards – into one enterprise-wide, user-friendly system. In addition, the intuitive nature of Focus Technologies fleet software enables users to gain real-time visibility over a series of user-defined KPIs, receive alerts to warn of potential hazards, and generate automated reports to demonstrate improved fleet performance.Focus Technologies fleet management and vehicle tracking solution is a truly scalable solution ideal for larger or complex fleets; multi-location; multi-national; multi-company and enterprise fleet management.

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