Walkthrough Gates

Walkthrough Gates

Walk Through Gate is ideal for large pedestrian places. It enables the security professionals to scan the people more frequently in a good manner. Which not only increases their efficiency but also reduces the security risk.

Metal Detection

Dependable target detection

Fed-Labs metal detection equipment secures high-traffic, high-risk venues such as government buildings, correctional facilities, airports, power plants, and schools. From portals capable of spotting hard-to-find weapons and threats as small as a needle to a selection of versatile handheld units, these detectors deliver outstanding performance. Whether performing routine high-traffic entry and exit screening to searching for hidden weapons or preventing theft, there’s a Fed-Labs metal detector that meets the most rigorous target discrimination and throughput specifications. These metal detectors feature:

  • Low false alarm rates
  • Digital circuitry that minimizes RF interference
  • Column and flat panel styles
  • Ergonomic handheld designs

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